What If I Get in an Accident on a Road Trip?

When planning a road trip, the last thing on your mind is ‘what happens if I get in an accident?’. Unfortunately, this can happen, and in the event that it does, you should be prepared with a back-up plan. This will help you manage the stress that comes with an auto accident, especially one far away from home.

Steps to Follow After You’ve Been in an Accident far From Home

  • Call 911
  • Check for Injuries

Check the status of all passengers, if anyone needs medical attention the 911 dispatcher can instruct you on basic first aid. 

  • Document the Scene

You will want to document the scene as thoroughly as possible; taking pictures of the scene and any vehicular damage. The more thorough your documentation, the easier it will be for your insurance to investigate your accident.

Have a Contingency Plan

Before you leave on vacation, especially a road trip, make sure you have at least a rough plan of action in case you cannot return home in your vehicle. Doing so will ensure you are well equipped to handle the situation should it arise.

You should be aware of the general resources available to you, such as the local public transportation system, as well as local airports or train stations.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For or Accept Help

If you are on vacation, or a road trip, and get in an auto accident, you may need some assistance getting around town. There are several methods you can use to get around town, for instance, you can hire an Uber or Lyft, you could take public transportation, or rent a vehicle. However, in some cases, none of these services may be available to you. In this instance, the local police department may be able to provide you with a courtesy ride.

Have an Emergency Fund

As part of your back-up plan, you should have a fund specifically reserved for a potential plane, train, or bus ride home; as well as potential hotel stays. This fund will give you peace of mind while on the road, knowing you are prepared for the worst. 

If you do not have the cash for an emergency fund, it would be wise to open up a credit card with a limit high enough to cover the cost to return via plane, train, bus, or rental vehicle.

Understand Your Insurance Policies

Your auto insurance policy follows your vehicle, therefore your own auto insurance should provide coverage even when traveling through another state. However, your auto insurance policy may not apply if you plan on traveling transnationally. For example, you travel from the United States to Mexico, your insurance may not fully cover you. Your insurance company may require you to purchase specialized insurance for the duration of your trip.

Furthermore, your insurance may provide you with resources like road-side assistance, or rental car coverage; that you would only be aware of it you were familiar with your insurance policy. Furthermore, understanding your insurance policies will help you form a back-up plan in case you do get into an auto accident while you are away from home.

Ask Your Insurance to Tow Your Vehicle Back Home

After an auto accident, your car may be towed. However, you shouldn’t leave your car in a tow yard, as this can result in hefty storage fees. Make arrangements with your insurance company to bring your vehicle back to your home state. Also, you will want to collect any personal belongings from the vehicle prior to your return home. Otherwise, the contents therein may become the property of the towing company.

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