The Importance of Timely Medical Treatment

Receiving timely medical treatment after an auto accident is vital for several reasons. For example, you will heal faster; increase the value of your insurance claim; establish the severity and credibility of your injuries; and prevent the development of further injury. Failing to seek timely medical treatment could have negative implications for your personal injury claim. Although there are instances when delaying medical treatment is acceptable (worldwide pandemics for instance), most of the time this will indicate to an insurance company that you weren’t seriously injured; lessening the value of your claim. 

Even if an ambulance did not transport you to the Emergency Room after your accident, you should still seek immediate medical attention. It is your responsibility to prove that your injuries necessitated medical treatment, and to mitigate your damages as much as possible. Failing to seek medical attention could result in the insurance company labeling you as ‘negligent’, which will damage your case. 

You May Not Be Aware of Certain Injuries

After an auto accident, your body may delay feelings of pain for several hours, days, weeks, or sometimes months; the body will produce natural pain killers when it experiences stress or trauma, as a result, you may not notice when an injury occurs. Leaving an injury untreated may increase the severity thereof, and lead to the development of other injuries.

You may have injuries that are only discoverable via X-ray, or MRI. MRI’s show soft tissue damage and herniated discs, whereas, X-rays show damage to your bones and joints. Diagnostic testing may reveal brain damage, damage to the spinal cord, bone fractures, etc; all injuries not outrightly visible. 

Helps Establish the Necessity of Care

When an insurance company investigates an auto accident, they will look for ‘suspicious’ behavior, and will only pay for medical treatment they deem ‘necessary’. Adjusters will view failing to seek medical attention as an indication that the claimant wasn’t really hurt, therefore future medical treatment will not be necessary. This may result in the value of your case decreasing or an outright claim rejection. 

Provides Clear Connection Between Injury and Auto Accident

When a claim proceeds with an insurance company, they will request your medical records, via a medical release form. If you do not have any medical history relevant to your auto accident, the insurance company may try to claim that your injuries did not occur from the accident, or that no injury occurred; having no proof of your injuries. If too much time passes between the accident and your medical treatment, the origin of your injury(s) may come into question. 

Mitigating Damages

Several states require an injured party to take reasonable steps to mitigate their injuries, or in other words, minimize their damages as much as possible. This includes receiving timely medical treatment, and following instructions given by your doctor. Insurance companies will only pay for ‘necessary’ medical expenses, anything deemed excessive, or unnecessary will not be compensated. Failing to seek medical treatment following an auto accident may result in the insurance company labeling you ‘negligent’. This status will severely damage your claim. 

To Help You and Your Well-Being

It is possible to confuse the symptoms of serious injuries with stress and adrenaline. However, an experienced medical professional will be able to properly diagnose your injuries and administer the appropriate care. Medical treatment will help you resume your daily activities faster, and may prevent the development of further injury. 

Receiving care after an accident should never be something you are ashamed to receive. Your body needs proper care so you can resume your daily routines. Failing to seek medical attention after your body has experienced severe trauma can result in physical limitations down the road. A medical professional will help you through addressing all your injuries, no matter how acute, and laying out a plan for recovery.

Certain Medical Treatment May Not Be Recognized

When you seek medical treatment after an auto accident, not all alternative-medicinal practices will be recognized by the insurance. These practices may include Acupuncture, Pressure Therapists, Holistic Healers, Witch Doctors, Shamans, etc. Using ‘nontraditional’ medicinal practices for recovery may cause the insurance company to claim that your injuries were not significant, or didn’t actually occur, as these practices are not significantly substantiated by science.

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