Why Should I Seek Medical Treatment After An Accident?

Timely medical attention will help you recover from any injuries sustained as a result of the accident, and will be necessary for you to receive a settlement for your injuries.

Injuries Can Create Life-Long Health Issues

Persistent Aches and Pains Can Lead to Long-term Health Challenges.

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?

Girl clutching the base of her skull
Neck Pain
girl clutching spine in pain
Back Pain:
Black guy stressing and headache
Guy in a suit holding shoulder like he's injured while also filling out paperwork
Shoulder Pain
Untitled design (18)
Knee Pain
Untitled design (22)
Hip Pain
Untitled design (14)
Hand Pain
Untitled design (20)
Wrist Pain
Shoulder pain, Stingers/Burners, Paresthesia, Frozen Shoulder
Elbow Pain
Untitled design (23)
Foot Pain
Untitled design (19)
Ankle Pain

Have I Been Fully Treated and Fully Healed?

You may not know the full extent or nature of your injuries for several weeks or months after the accident. Though at first, it may seem that your forehead was simply bruised you may have sustained a concussion or closed head injury; and that “stiff neck” might turn out to be a herniated disc. For this reason, it would be wise not to enter into a quick settlement with the insurance company. Any settlement will almost always include a release of all future claims. This release of claims means that the insurance company is no longer liable even if you discover new injuries. 

Our Medical Team

Medical Doctors
chiropractor woman smiling
female medical assistant in pink scrubs
Pain Specialists
surgeon with stethoscope for auto injuries
female physical therapist holding binder
Physical Therapists