Lawsuits Vs. Settlements

Things to Know about Communicating with Insurance Claim Adjusters

  1. Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators. 
  2. Insurance companies are not obligated to treat you fairly or respond promptly. 
  3. You are not obligated to accept the first settlement offer. 
  4. You have the right to appeal the insurance company’s settlement offer when the offer requires the totaling of your vehicle.
  5. The insurance company will try to avoid paying your medical expenses. 
  6. Anything you say can — and will — be used against you:
    • Do not admit fault.
    • Do not state that you are uninjured until you know the full extent of your injuries.
    • Do not agree to the insurance agent’s statements regarding the accident.
    • Only state the facts of your case
  7. You can take your car to the autobody shop of your choosing.
  8. Insurance companies may begin to ignore you if you don’t settle right away, this is a delaying tactic to minimise payout.
  9. Never sign anything unless you understand what it means, or you’ve had a lawyer review it.

How to Settle A Car Accident Claim Without a Lawyer

If you have been in a car accident and are seeking to make a personal injury claim, it is possible to settle without a lawyer. Personal injury claims generally cover medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain, and suffering. 


If the insurance company has accepted full liability, they are obligated to pay “reasonable medical expenses” within policy limits. To calculate fair compensation, total the costs of your medical bills, lost wages, and any other monetary responsibilities you had to cover as a result of the accident. Then depending on the circumstances of your case, and the severity and longevity of your injuries, you may add between 1.5-5x the amount to calculate a fair settlement for yourself. 

You Should Consider Hiring a Lawyer if:

  • The Accident Involved a Motorcycle, Pedestrian, or Bicyclist
  • The Accident Involved a Head-on Collision, Road Construction, an 18-Wheeler, or Bus
  • Death Resulted From the Accident
  • Multiple People Came to Harm
  • A Driver was Impaired 
  • You Have Extensive Medical Bills, or Missed Work/School/Everyday Activities
  • You Have Permanent Recurring Problems (Physical and/or Mental) as a Result of the Accident
  • Recovery that Lasts Longer than 1 Year
  • Settlements Offered by Your Insurance are Inadequate

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Free Consultation with Attorneys

 Attorneys offer a free consultation prior to taking on your case. Take advantage of this free consultation, discuss your case openly with your attorney and listen to their professional opinion. They can give an estimation for the duration of litigations and negotiations. Attorneys can also negotiate settlements with your insurance. 


If you were at fault for the accident, your insurance company will provide a defense attorney free of charge. However, your premiums may rise, depending on your insurance provider and policy.

How do I Pay for a Lawyer?

In accident cases, attorneys are paid through contingency fee agreements. This fee is a percentage of your settlement generally ranging between 25-40%.


Attorneys are paid by contingency fees, which means they do not get paid unless you win your settlement. Typically these fees fall anywhere between 25-40% of your settlement.