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We work with victims of a car accident to help them recover financially and physically.
Out of Pocket Expenses

Financial Recovery

An insurance company typically looks at 3 or more factors to determine if and how much of the settlement is paid to a victim of an accident.

These include:
1. Pain and Suffering
2. Severity and Permanency of the Injuries
3. Victims Age and Profession

Physical Recovery

Our network of medical professionals have years of experience evaluating and treating patients who have been in accidents.

Seeking a medical professional who is experienced in specific fields can help you save time and money on your path to recovery.

Our Accident Advocates consult with you and help you identify great medical care providers and can assist you in determining if you need to hire an Attorney.

Attorneys typically charge 33% of the total settlement for their compensation. If your car accident settlement is $300,000 that could be $100,000 that you end up taking out of your pocket to pay an attorney.