How Does Personal Injury Protection Work?

What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance? Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is a type of insurance that is required in all no-fault states. These states include Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, North Dakota, and Oregon. In Utah, PIP insurance covers all passengers in a vehicle […]

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Best Auto Insurance

Which auto insurance company is best for . . . Cheapest/Cost Overall  On average, a minimum coverage policy in Utah costs $1,105 per year. Farm Bureau Mutual* ($610), Progressive ($896), GEICO ($941) are the top three cheapest auto insurance companies throughout Utah. Additionally, USAA ($481)often remains cheaper than these three but is only available to

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Types of Vehicle Smoke

In 2018, approximately 181,500 vehicle fires were reported. Some of these resulted from collisions, but most resulted from vehicular malfunction. Typically, vehicular malfunction to this degree is prefaced by smoke emanating from your vehicle. However, not all vehicular smoke means you are in imminent danger of a vehicle fire, or explosion. For this reason, knowing

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What If I am Dissatisfied With My Insurance?

Occasionally, our insurance company may not live up to our expectations. If you are dissatisfied with your insurance company’s processes you may issue a complaint against them. There are several ways in which you can file a complaint and achieve a resolution with an insurance company. The most common complaints faced by insurance companies include

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Cost of Care in Utah

Chiropractic Care On average, chiropractic adjustments cost $65 per session. However, chiropractic care can range from $30-$200 per session.  How Experience Affects Cost Chiropractors that have more experience and years of practice usually cost more. Other reasons for a higher rate include: Your chiropractor has a stable client base who requires their assistance and time. 

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Medical Liens: How They Affect Your Case?

In the most basic of terms, a lien is a demand for repayment. When an auto accident occurs, the parties involved will need to seek medical attention. In some cases, third-parties may help front the costs of medical treatment. These parties may include: private health insurance companies, auto insurance companies, certain medical providers, and/or government

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