Car Accident Scams

Car accident scams can take place anywhere, however, they typically occur in wealthy urban areas. The criminals that run these scams mostly target new, rental, or commercial vehicles as they are considered high-value targets. Generally speaking, women and the elderly are targeted more frequently as they are expected to be less confrontational at an accident …

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How the Determination of Fault Impacts Insurance Settlements

After an auto accident, your insurance company will launch an investigation and dispute the fault outrightly assigned to you. Your insurance company does not want financial liability for your accident, as a result, they will do all they can to refute fault. When determining fault, your insurance agent will attempt to recreate the accident using …

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How An Attorney Can Benefit You After a Car Accident

Auto accidents can be extremely stressful, especially during the post-accident process. An attorney can help relieve some of this stress by: Preventing You From Receiving Medical Bills,  Dealing With Your Insurance Directly,  Identifying and Working Through Adjuster Tactics, and  Helping You Fill Out All the Paperwork Associated With Car Accident Claims. Furthermore, hiring an attorney …

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Government Vehicle Claim Limits

Filing a personal injury claim against a government entity or employee differs from filing a claim against a private citizen. For instance, sovereign immunity, a legal protection, protects governments and their employees from liability in several cases, including auto accidents. Secondly, the statute of limitations regarding accident reporting and claim filing is significantly shorter. Examples …

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How Does Personal Injury Protection Work?

What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance? Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is a type of insurance that is required in all no-fault states. These states include Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, North Dakota, and Oregon. In Utah, PIP insurance covers all passengers in a vehicle …

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Medical Liens: How They Affect Your Case?

In the most basic of terms, a lien is a demand for repayment. When an auto accident occurs, the parties involved will need to seek medical attention. In some cases, third-parties may help front the costs of medical treatment. These parties may include: private health insurance companies, auto insurance companies, certain medical providers, and/or government …

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