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Which auto insurance company is best for . . .

Cheapest/Cost Overall 

On average, a minimum coverage policy in Utah costs $1,105 per year. Farm Bureau Mutual* ($610), Progressive ($896), GEICO ($941) are the top three cheapest auto insurance companies throughout Utah. Additionally, USAA ($481)often remains cheaper than these three but is only available to current and former military members and their families. 

*Farm Bureau Mutual requires a membership that costs $72 per year. This cost is not included in the pricing and rates listed. 

Customer Service

Based on a client to complaint ratio the best auto insurance company for good customer service is Bear River Mutual. Conversely, Liberty Mutual had the highest rate of customer complaints.

Minimum auto insurance coverage must include the following in the State of Utah:

  • $25,000 per person/ $65,000 per accident of bodily injury liability
  • $15,000 property damage liability per incident
  • $3,000 personal injury protection per person

Minimum coverage policy costs $1,105 per year on average while a full-coverage policy costs $2,538 per year. The following chart provides average annual premiums for full-coverage policy costs in the largest 50 cities in Utah. 

Utah’s Average Annual Premiums by City

CityAverage Annual Premium
Cedar City$2,335
Brigham City$2,393
St. George$2,395
Park City$2,598
Saratoga Springs$2,648
Eagle Mountain$2,675
American Fork$2,683
Cedar Hills$2,696
North Salt Lake$2,698
South Jordan$2,733
Cottonwood Heights$2,809
West Jordan$2,850
Salt Lake City$2,929
South Salt Lake$3,000
West Valley City$3,028

Traveling to Mexico


If you travel to Mexico frequently or would like to have insurance coverage during your travels to Mexico, All-State, and Liberty Mutual offer Mexico Car Insurance. All State’s Mexico Car Insurance helps cover U.S. and Canadian drivers while they’re traveling in Mexico for up to one year. Liberty Mutual requires Mexico Car Insurance for all vehicles traveling to Mexico. However, you can choose your policy limits including coverage limits and duration. 


Senior drivers (55 and older) are eligible for auto policy discounts with the following companies: Farmers, American Family Insurance, Nationwide, and State Farm.  With Farmers, seniors can receive a discount for 3 years after completing a state-approved safe driver program. American family insurance offers a discount after completing an approved defensive driving course. Nationwide offers a similar discount which requires senior drivers to complete a state-approved driving course for the discount. Also, State Farm provides a discount when given a certification of completion for a defensive driving course. State Farm’s discount will last for 3 years. 

Bad Drivers

Changes in Insurance Rates After an Accident
CompanyRate after accidentRate before the accidentDifference
Farm Bureau Mutual$2,512$1,624$888
State Farm$2,828$2,359$468
American Family$2,925$2,889$37
Auto-Owners Insurance$5,249$2,709$2,540

Farmers Insurance will forgive one at-fault accident for every three years you drive without an accident. This keeps your premium from going up because of just one accident.


To qualify for this benefit, you must have a clean driving record (without accidents or violations) for at least five consecutive years. 

Liberty Mutual

With accident forgiveness, your rates won’t increase after your first accident. 


Accident forgiveness will protect you from the premium rate increases following your first at-fault accident. This benefit does not require an accident-free period prior to receiving this benefit.


After a set number of years of accident and violation-free driving, you may qualify for accident forgiveness. With accident forgiveness, it won’t increase after your first accident.


 This benefit forgives one accident every 3 years, helping to protect your premium from isolated mishaps. Also, accident forgiveness includes minor violation forgiveness which forgives one minor violation every 3 years. 


 Remain accident-free for five years at USAA and your premium won’t go up after one at-fault accident. In some states, you may be able to purchase this feature. 


Liberty Mutual offers extra coverage for teachers. This coverage provides protection for teachers cars and teaching materials. If any damage or loss occurs at the school this policy may cover the costs. More specifically, stolen supplies or school property fall under the protection of this policy as well as damages caused by vandalism and collision

Uber Drivers

State Farm, Farmers, Progressive, and CSE Insurance offer rideshare coverage. State Farm ensures that medical, emergency roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement in your personal auto policy remain in effect when you’re working for a ride-sharing company. Farmers provide coverage where Uber, Lyft, etc do not cover their vehicle. CSE covers drivers while they are en route to a passenger and while a passenger is in their car. Progressive extends your auto insurance to cover your vehicle when logged into a ridesharing app and waiting for a trip request/customer. 

Under 25/Young Adult/New Drivers

college student

Good Student

Earn a 14.5% discount for high school or full-time college students with a verifiable GPA of 3.0 or more.

Teen Smart

This 24% discount is offered to qualified teen drivers who complete a qualified program by the time they are 18 years old.

Distant Student

The distant student driver is not the named insured or spouse of the named insured. Also, they temporarily live at and attend school more than 100 miles from home. The distant driver is age 15-25 and does not have a vehicle at school. Meeting these conditions may result in a 30% discount. However, student drivers cannot be the policyholder to qualify for the discount.

American Family Insurance 

Medical Expense 

Medical payments (Med Pay) coverage helps cover injuries sustained in an auto accident, regardless of fault. Med Pay offers protection in the event that you, your relative or your passengers are injured in a motor vehicle accident. Situations covered by med pay include:

  • Funeral expenses resulting from an accident
  • Any passengers injured while you or your family member is operating the vehicle
  • You or your family members are injured as pedestrians or while riding your bikes
  • You’re injured as a passenger in someone else’s car

Good Student

In some cases, your students top notch record can help you save on insurance premiums. Good grade discount does not provide GPA or Grade information in order to qualify. 

Teen Safe Driver

Enroll your teen driver in this program and you may receive a discount.

Away at School

If your student (younger than 25) attends college more than 100 miles from your home and their vehicle stays with you, you may save. 

Young Volunteer

If you’re under age 25 and complete 40 hours of volunteer work per year for a non-profit establishment, you can save on your auto policy.


If your mom or dad are insured under American Family, you can save on your policy. 

All State

Smart Student 

If you have a student driver who is under the age of 25, unmarried and fits one of the following three conditions, you can apply for this discount. Your student attends school full time and gets good grades. They successfully completed the teenSMART driver education program. They attend school at least 100 miles away from where you keep your car. 

  • All State has 6 month policy contracts which puts policyholders at risk for increases twice as many times as those who provide 12 month policy contracts. 

Good Student

Reduce your policy premium up to 20% when your student maintains a cumulative B or better grade-point average.

Student Away

 Receive a discount for your student who attends school over 100 miles away and doesn’t use a vehicle. 

Teen Driver Monitoring

When you permanently install a GPS within the vehicle your teenager primarily operates you’ll receive this discount. 

CSE Insurance

Good Student Discount

When you have a driving student under the age of 25 who attends college or high school, their good grades can result in a discount of up to 14%.


Distant Student 

If your child goes away to school more than 100 miles from your home, does not have regular access to your covered car, and meets age limits, you may be eligible for this discount.

Youthful Driver

 Earn this discount when you add your child or grandchild under 25 to your policy. 

Good Student

You may receive a good student discount on your auto insurance policy if your high school or college-aged student meets any of the following requirements:

  • Your high school student has at least a B average
  • Your college student has at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Student makes the Dean’s list or they are an Honor roll student
  • Student ranked in the top 20% of their class or in the top 20% in national standardized tests

In order to receive this discount, you must submit proof of eligibility (GPA, copy of report card, etc.)


Good Student

Drivers ages 16-24 who maintain a B average or better are eligible for a discount. 


Good Student

Add a student aged 22 or younger who maintains a B average or better and receive a discount. 

Distant Student Discount

If your full-time student is more than 100 miles from your residence and they don’t have a vehicle while at school, you’ll receive a discount.

State Farm 

Good Student Save up to 10%

Drivers under 25 who are full-time students in high school or at a college or university, and the scholastic records for the immediately preceding school semester show that this student meets at least one of the following will receive a discount:

  • Ranked in the upper 20% of his or her class
  • Had a grade average of B or higher
  • Had a grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Made the Dean’s list or Honor Roll

Drivers who earned an associate’s degree or equivalent and have a qualifying scholastic record meeting one of the above requirements may be considered. Additionally, drivers who have earned a Bachelor’s degree with or without a qualifying scholastic record can receive this discount.

Home study students may be eligible if they submit evidence that they have taken certain national standardized tests, administered within the last 12 months and ranked in the upper 20%. Proof of eligibility is required when an application for insurance is submitted. 

Steer Clear Safe Driver

Those under the age of 25 may receive this discount when they meet the following conditions. They must have no at-fault accidents or moving violations for three years prior to the time of the discount. These drivers are also required to complete the State Farm Steer Clear Program. This program must be administered by a State Farm agent and includes watching a video presentation, reading a safe-driving magazine and completing a driver’s log to document driving experiences. 

Student Away

If you have a student under the age of 25 who resides at a school at least 100 miles away from home and they only drive your vehicle while at home, you’ll receive the student away discount.


Good Student Discount

Policyholders with drivers that are enrolled full-time in high school or college and maintain a ‘B’ average or better may qualify for an 8% discount.

Student Away at School

If one of your dependents goes to school at least 100 miles away and won’t be driving your cars, you may qualify for a 7% discount.


Driver Training

Drivers younger than 21 can complete a basic driver training course to qualify for this discount. 

Good Student 

Maintain good grades.

Family Discount

If your parents have USAA insurance and you choose USAA as well, you could save up to 10% on your own policy.

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