Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

There are several benefits of hiring a lawyer. They are passionate advocates who will fight for you, and will help you navigate the complexities of your insurance settlement.

Attorneys Can Prove Liability

Using police reports and eyewitness accounts your attorney will work to prove the other party’s fault in court if you are unable to reach an agreement with your insurance. 

Evidence in Your Case may Include:

  • Accident Reports
  • Statements from Witnesses
  • Accident Scene Photos
  • Video Footage From Cameras at Nearby Businesses 
  • Medical Records
  • Medical Tests and Scans

They Understand Time Limits

In some states, there are statutes of limitations for filing a claim after an accident. Your attorney will work to meet all necessary deadlines in your state.

If you have a knowledgeable car accident attorney on your side, your payout and damages will be the top priority for them and they’ll deal with negotiations with insurance companies for you.

They Know When to Settle 

Insurance adjusters take advantage of the fact that the average person doesn’t understand their rights and the laws in regards to auto accidents. They offer settlements really early on in order to encourage early lesser settlements. Some adjusters may even come to the hospital or home of the policyholder to settle. Many policyholders believe that the first settlement offered is the only available settlement for them. Settlements can be disputed and rejected several times and may even go to court. The benefit to having a lawyer for obtaining settlement includes their knowledge and background in personal injury and car accident cases. By having a lawyer who has personal injury/car accident background, you have someone who knows how long it’ll take to fully understand the costs and future impacts these injuries and cases may have on you. 

Attorneys Fight For Fair Compensation

Attorneys have access to private databases that include car accident cases and their settlements. They can use this resource to determine a fair settlement for your case based on other cases like onto your own. By having this database, they’re more viable to receive a higher settlement for you than if you represented yourself. 

Factors Your Lawyer Will Examine When Valuing Your Claim:

  • Your Medical Bills from the Accident
  • Expected Future Medical Costs, such as Therapy and Surgery
  • Lost Wages 
  • Cost of Replacing Your Vehicle and Personal Property
  • Current and Future Impact the Injury has on Your Life

They Work by Contingency Fees

Most attorneys work on contingency fees this means that your attorney will receive a percentage of your settlement if your case receives compensation. However, if your representative is unable to help you receive compensation or your court case is lost, you’ll only be responsible for court fees. 

Attorneys Provide Aggressive Representation

Attorneys represent you in court and represent you during negotiations. By having an attorney you’ll be able to have an aggressive advocate on your side who’s pushing for your rights, and what you deserve in compensation. 

They Overstep the Adjuster

In order to reduce the payout to their insured parties, adjusters may state a misrepresentation of the available coverage. They claim to have less coverage than is actually available.  In other words, they may falsely state the limits of your policy. Attorneys are able to overstep the adjuster and receive accurate policy limits. 

Medical Release Form

Insurance adjusters in no-fault states, such as Utah, may require you to fill out medical release forms. This form allows your insurance company to view your medical records. By having a lawyer, they will fill out this form for you and modify the time allotted for your insurance to view your records. Adjusters want to be able to view your entire history in order to prove that you had injuries prior to the accident and thus reduce settlement. However, your attorney will be able to prevent them from doing so by modifying the form to restrict the viewing period to a timeline relative to your accident. 

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