Month: January 2020

How Gender Affects Settlements and Claims

Body Composition Comparison According to research, female and male bodies react differently to injury because of body composition. For example, women have smaller neck muscles, making them more susceptible to injuries such as whiplash. Furthermore, estrogen affects the rigidity of the muscles. Loose muscles have greater resistance to damage compared to rigid muscles.  Additionally, women …

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Non-Citizens: Car Accident Protection

Regardless of your citizenship status, you can pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering in all states.  Furthermore, pursuing an insurance settlement will not negatively impact your legal status. You do not need a Social Security number, a driver’s license, or permanent resident status to file an insurance claim against a negligent …

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Auto Injuries: Paresthesia (Pins & Needles)

Similar to Stingers/Burners, Paresthesia is a nerve issue, caused by pressure on the nerves or poor blood circulation. By definition, paresthesia is an abnormal sensation in the body; commonly described as feeling like pins-and-needles, though some describe it as a burning, tingling, numb, or itchy feeling. These feelings often permeate through the extremities but can …

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